WordPress App backed with the power of RDS to provide high availability MySQL database

Our Plan

Architecture of our Setup


Click on create database
Choosing MySQL Engine
Choosing Free Tier template
Credentials setting
Choosing the DB instance size
Storage settings
Choosing Default VPC, also public access is yes
Click on Create Database
Successfully created Database
Its Endpoint URL
command to install mysql
Successfully installed
Successfully connected
Databases available

Commands to be used are :

Successfully installed
Successfully downloaded the file
Successfully extracted
Successfully copied
document root
created uploads folder
given permissions
Got the WordPress page
Click lets go! button
Hiding my password :)
Manual Setup Display
Make all the required changes
Success Message
Log In to the site
Dashboard of myBlog site
myBlog site, backed with RDS database service



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Anshika Sharma

I am a tech enthusiast, researcher and work for integrations. I love to explore and learn about the new technologies and their right concepts from its core.