Rolling Updates in Kubernetes using Jenkins with Zero downtime

Architecture of the integration
making new directory
going to the directory
creating Dockerfile
Dockerfile for configuring kubectl
Building Docker image
Building Docker image(continue)
Building Docker image(continue)
Tagging Docker image
Login to Docker
Pushing docker image
Docker status
Adding IP and Port
Adding IP and port
Restarting Docker service
Exporting Docker_Host
installing jenkins
Jenkins install complete
Reloading Daemon
Starting and Enabling Jenkins
Status of Jenkins service
IP to access Jenkins
Sign In page for Jenkins
Authentication password
Install suggested Plugins
Plugin listed page for installation
Creating Admin user
Install Configuration
Jenkins Dashboard
Docker plugin installation
Manage Nodes and Clouds
Configure clouds
Configure clouds
Choosing Docker cloud
Creating Docker cloud
Adding Docker template and adding credentials
Dockerfile code
creating job1
Configuring Job1
Console output
Deploying kubernetes instances
Adding post-build action to job1 for job2
Creating build pipeline
Configuring build pipeline view
myView execution flow demonstration
Final Web Page



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Anshika Sharma

I am a tech enthusiast, researcher and work for integrations. I love to explore and learn about the new technologies and their right concepts from its core.