High Available Architecture with S3 and CloudFront using AWS CLI

Using CloudFront with S3

Problem Statement

Concept of CDN

Global Network of Amazon

Our Plan


AWS Configuring
Creating ec2 instance
Created Instance ID
Successfully created instance
Successfully added tags
Instance on Dashboard
Successfully created the volume
Successfully attached the volume to the instance
Connected to the EC2 Instance
installing the httpd
Successfully Installed httpd
Not active service
Successfully started the service
Available blocks
Created a partition of 5 GiB
partition available
Successfully formatted and mounted
EBS Volume mounted
Successfully created s3 bucket
Successfully Created S3 bucket
Objects available in S3 bucket
Created CloudFront
Deployed Cloudfront Distribution
Final Web page



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Anshika Sharma

I am a tech enthusiast, researcher and work for integrations. I love to explore and learn about the new technologies and their right concepts from its core.